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Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior is famed for being the toughest assault course on Television!

Originally started in Japan with the title “Sasuke”, Ninja Warrior found a huge home in America, and lately in parts of Europe. With thousands of applicants and only a few hundred making it to the heats, only a hand ful have ever made it through the gruelling 3 round challenge.

Well this year, the UK’s first ever Ninja Warrior has taken place.   Only 250 contestants were to make it through the auditions and into the heats which took place up in Manchester, late March.

Our very own Craig Robinson was one of the lucky applicants that made it through the auditions and into the heats.

We can’t say how he did, but you can watch the 8 part series every Saturday , 7pm. ITV – Ninja Warrior 


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