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Fluidity Freerun Academy offers much more than the average gym or fitness club. With movement based discipline and creativity as our ethos, we have a whole range of different activities on board at the centre. To help make the huge selection of activities available , we have a range of affordable monthly memberships you can choose from. These memberships will save you money if you are coming reguarly, and are perfect if you fancy giving a variety of activities a try!

As a monthly direct debit, there is little to no hassle once signed up , and memberships are cancle or freeze! 

Now linked with Roller (our booking system) you can easily pick where you use membership hours for your allotted sessions! Check the table to see what you get on each package 



Bronze Membership


6 x 1 hour open sessions , worth
£6-£7 each. 
This is giving you up to 2 FREE open sessions a month for paying monthly. This is ideal if you are coming a couple of times a week and want to save some money and have a free open session as a reward!



Silver Membership


Allowing you on classes as well, this membership saves you a silly amount!

4 x open sessions or drop in classes a month + Elements Course.



Gold Membership


The Monthly Pass comes with unlimited access to the entire Fluidity Freerun Academy facility, including all classes and sessions, as well as a space on your appropriate Elements Course Level. 

On top of that , we offer a 20% discount on events and merchandise!