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Who We Aim to Be

Fluidity Freerun started back in 2005, when some of the first freerunners in Wales met through some underground meet ups. The scene was small, and we were pushing to get it bigger! Becoming professional and running classes, stunt work in adverts, and performing across festivals and venues all over the UK and even abroad, things got bigger.

The dream was always to create a dedicated space where various arts and disciplines could ccome and learn together, in an incredible bespoke playground. The dream has taken years and years to finally deliver due to various complications in the UK. Now however, we are proud to finally have a space we can call our own , and open the doors to everyone and share our passions together!

More than just a sports facility, Fluidity Freerun Academy is a creative space for all ages , with no gates or seperation. In a world where creativity and expression can be somewhat stiffled , we implore you to come in , explore your boundaries and potential , move , push yourself, relax, have fun, and meet some new friends in a welcoming space!

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Fluidity Freerun are the original professional Freerunning group in South Wales. Starting in 2005 , and over the last 16 years we have performed across the world, ran hundreds of classes and community workshops, worked on adverts, films and productions , as well as providing consultancy, stunts and much more! 

Our dream was always been to open an indoor playground that brings movement based arts together, and with the long awaited Fluidity Freerun Academy , we have done just that!

Est in 2016 in Cardiff ,  a bespoke uban playground for movement based sports and arts!  Our ethos is for full inclusivity , to bring people together through the art of movement, across a platform of different practices and disciplines with creative movement ,physical fitness and explorative play at the center of it all! 

Check out the different classes and sessions we have on offer, and come down and get involved in one of the UK's biggest movement havens!

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