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 Parkour Camps!

HOL CAMPS - 22ND , 23RD + 24TH FEB

We got plenty going on at Fluidity during the Holidays to keep the kids entertained whilst School is out! 

We will have our Holiday Camps running , as well as earlier Open Session Slots, Superhero Events, Open days and more!  Check the activities we have on, and click for more info.
Booking is at the bottom (use the calendar to select your date) , or on the other linked pages! 


£30 per participant
Tues, Weds and Thurs each week in Holidays.


Our incredibly successful Parkour Camps that run in the holidays! 
From 12-4pm you can drop your kids off (7+) and we will engage them in a 4 hour session comprising of a variety of workshops, team games/ challenges and free time.


Led by our experienced Level 2 Parkour Coaches , we can ensure excellent tuition that is unrivalled!

These sessions have proven very successful for both physical and mental stimulation of young freerunners and movers, not just within the sport, but with social skills and making friends from all backgrounds - Just bring a packed lunch! - More Info HERE

Next Date - FRIDAY 25TH FEB

Tactical style team games across the park lead by our own Fluidity games masters - Capture the Flag, Assassination, Battle Royale and more!

- 2 hour long session  
- Safety Brief
- Warm up / Freerun time
- Nerf Tactical Games  and team battles
£20 per head

11pm Onwards
£8 per hour, £12 for 2.

As well as our usual timetables, we will be accepting open sessions throughout the day from 12pm - close , for ages 7+.  (If they are younger and it is suitable, parents can supervise)