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Parkour Gym made out of wooden structures

Urban Environment

Made out of wood, steel, rubber and other materials you expect to find in the outside world, we have created a realistic environment to practise parkour in, by doing this we hold true to the spirit of parkour , and can allow for a realistic and safe experience. With progressional areas, you can work your skills slowly from ground level . You will find its not about finding your parkour feet, its just remembering you have them!

Bar zone at Fluidity. Calisthenics area

Bar Zone

With the help of Natural Sports, we have designed one of the biggest scaffolding rigs specifically for parkour in the UK! This 7x7m area works from the ground up to the heights of 2m , perfect for calisthenics, monkeying around, laches and working on your foot placement and balance!

Reception and viewing area

Reception and Viewing Area

We have a large viewing area if you just fancy sitting down and chilling. With a mix of upcycled furniture, benches and tables,  you can sit back enjoy some coffee and snacks along with Wi-Fi if you are waiting for your little ones to finish up.

Sprung floor and softplay for freerunnning practice

Sprung Floor

Need that extra spring in your step? We have a full size sprung floor, which is just perfect for acrobatics, tumbling , gymnastics , cheerleading , tricking and more!

Foam pit pratice area

Foam Pit

We got one of the most unique foam pits going , with a selection of ledges, bars, hand grips and hangings, there are all sorts of skills that can be practised with a 1.5m deep foam cube filled pit, from all directions and heights!

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