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Its finally here - 4 months on since our lockdown in December, but finally we

are having the all clear to re-open! We hope you are well and excited to start getting back “normal” life and enjoying the restrictions being lifted, its been a rocky road indeed! BUT here it is! We are officially announcing our reopening for the Monday 17th of May! Although we can technically open from the 3rd, with all the work we have been doing behind the scenes, we have decided to stick to the original date for various reasons! All with the goal of making Fluidity better than ever and improving our customers experience, with a much spruced up venue and our admin infrastructure! The team have been working relentlessly for months and are just as excited as you are to open our home back up to you all! With that, there have been lots of changes that are important to hear, so heres our updates!


NEW SESSIONS AND TIMETABLE CHANGES New classes and sessions have been added to help accommodate our demand and also work around our new guidelines and capacities! This includes an additional Youth/Teen class on a Monday , a new Fitness class for adults, as well as the launch of our Tricking session with the new inflatable equipment for our experienced/adult members (a monstrous sized AirTrick!) There are also changes to our prices on just a few sessions. From the off, we have taken huge pride on keeping activities as cheap as we can for you all, but we are however increasing the cost of some of our classes as well as our holiday camps after a serious reflection on how we offer our services. We are sure that you , our valued and loyal customers and students will be understanding of this with everything that's been going on in these difficult times (as is the case with increase in most industries now) - but also we know how much you value the coaching experiences that we offer here in our one of a kind venue , and the need to keep the roof over our head and be able to offer our services! The changes are slight and detailed below. Have no fear though, if you are regular class goer, our memberships will now save you even more if you do regular classes or open session training as the prices on memberships are unchanged and with more perks! NEW SESSIONS After School Club - 4pm - 5pm / 4pm - 5:30pm (£5 or £7 deal!) Youth/Teen Parkour Class (Drop In) - Mon 6:30pm - 7:30pm Fit for Purpose (Adult Fitness Class) - Tues 8:30pm - 9:30pm Home Ed Class - Fri 2pm -3pm Tricks n' Flips - Thurs 6:30pm - 8:00pm PRICE CHANGES Youth + Teen Classes - £9 for PAYG drop in Holiday Camps - £30 per person (£50 for 2 siblings)


BOOKING + CAPACITY With our new guidelines from the government and ParkourUK , our capacities for some activities have changed, this means you 100% should book in advance to avoid disappointment , especially for classes and holiday events! Our booking is now LIVE on the updated website , with a new centralised page which gives one place for all activities to book! We anticipate that our regular classes , Little Ninjas and peak Open Sessions will book up in advance so we recommend booking well ahead where possible , as we will have to deny drop ins if we are at capacity! BOOK ONLINE HERE


MEMBERSHIPS Another HUGE thank you to our membership holders who have kept rolling their subscriptions to us, at a time when we have zero income aside from limited Government support , it really does make a difference! We are an independent company formed from a grassroots passion of Parkour , and without being able to facilitate any other income streams outside of the Academy, you are helping keep the dream alive! We are changing the way in which our memberships work here at Fluidity , as we finally are able to offer them through our booking platform (as opposed to an external provider "Simply Collect") We are still in the process of finalising this, but the deals are immense for regular practitioners and students! For the kids we are offering amazing open training and class packs, that give ridiculous savings for those that attend classes or open sessions weekly. With a simply monthly payment , you will be allocated the set hours you can book for the appropriate products via a membership code! For adults or our advanced students, we have some great packages that allow really cheap training and access to our our new Tricks n' Flips session , as a way of making regular training affordable for the local freerunning scene! Here is a new Membership Package table that can help show you what you get for each package monthly! You will be able to purchase all these via the booking platform as we migrate over shortly! Our current membership holders will be contacted with how to finish with Simply Collect and switch over to the new platform (which we anticipate will be happening in June/July!)


COVID PROCEDURES Covid Rules Much like before, we are still working with covid guidelines regarding masks, sanitisation, social distancing and numbers in the building. Masks are to be worn by anyone over 12 in all communal areas. You do not have to wear a mask whilst sat at your table. If parents do not have to be in the building (or supervising an under 7 on court) it makes a huge difference if you can wait in the car or just drop off/collect. We have 1 way systems for in/out of the building , and sanitisation points dotted around. Shutters are open when possible to allow ventilation and we are wiping down equipment and areas inbetween classes! We will have a statement sent out with all bookings including the health questionnaire for your booking. Covid information will also be on the website.


HOLIDAY CAMPS AND CREDIT So with halfterm at the end of May , we already have some Camps lined up and hopefully a Nerf War! These will be bookable too via this link HERE. If you have credit from before Christmas, or a booking to change over get in touch and we will put you in! Huge thanks for taking the time to read our update! We cannot stress how excited we are to be reopening after our 3rd closure. The time off has been incredibly reflective and we hope you love all the changes we have put in during this time, its been intense to say the least! So please check out the site, the updates and book ahead as we anticipate its going to fill up FAST! Much Love! Peace, Love and Parkour! The Fluidity Crew ;)


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