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Boomtown 2015 – Streetfighter

So once again we were back to work at the immense pop up city of BOOMTOWN.

As always ,the festival had un-rivalled line ups, activities and fun around every corner, from the big stages to the hundreds of micro venues, the music and arts on show are insane!

This year, instead of our usual gigs for the might Bassline Circus and the workshops up in Kidztown, we were to be performing in Chinatown , the heart of punk and ska at the festival.

Donned as your favourite Namco superstar “Streetfighters” , the 8 of us took to the courtyard, providing an array of fights with each other and the public!  Incredible fun, and went down an absolute treat, can’t wait to get involved again next year and take it further!

Check out this awesome video by Ed Hack who came down and joined us , he really captured the performances!


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