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ADAPT Level 2 Passes!

Craig Robinson and Frazer Meek are currently the ONLY two level 2 Parkour ADAPT qualified coaches, in the whole of Wales.

Craig and Frazer first took the pilot of the course in 2012 ,  but have now fully passed the course.

The course is famed for having one of the lowest pass rates in any Level 2 qualification , due to its gruelling nature and high percentage required (90% overall , with 3 days of tests after 5 days of learning!)

Under NGB regulations, a coach is required to be Level 2 to run their own class with no other supervision!

The level 2 is developed by ADAPT Qualifications , Parkour Generations and ParkourUK (the National Governing body)

To learn more about ADAPT qualifications , check them out here. ADAPT 


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