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The Nerf Wars

In a post apocalyptic wasteland at Fluidity... there are no more birthday parties... now its just a a battlefield littered with foam bullets....

As you may be aware, we have been running incredibly fun Nerf Birthday Parties at Fluidity for lucky birthday boys and girls.

We turn the whole of the Academy into a Nerf battle ground, with tonnes of obstacles for hiding, ducking and dodging bullets, as the perfect playing field for the ultimate in foam warfare.

For 1 session only during Summer, this is an open Nerf War Fight for up to 30 participants. The session is 2 hours long ,taking place on August 24th , 12pm - 2pm.

The session is available for ages 7+ and costs £10. You are welcome to bring your own Nerf equipment.

During the session, we wil gear up, split into teams, and play a series of tactical games across the park, finishing the session with some freeplay.

Spaces are limited, and we have sold over half so far, so get booking if your child is Nerf mad!

This is one not to miss! Book online HERE


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