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Craig Robinson on NinjaWarriorUK!

For those that didn't already know, Director and Coach Craig Robinson smashed his way to the end of the semi finals on this years Ninja Warrior UK! With an epic first round blitzed through perhaps a bit too calmly , Craig made it into the Semi Finals for the second time! This time Craig came unstuck towards the end of the run, but not without an epic epic fight. Hanging on for over 4 minutes, Craig battled to get the swing to lock into place to carry on... You could hear a penny drop as the whole room was gripped in this epic feat , before he almost makes it across after somehow locking the swing in! We are massively proud of Craig here at Fluidity, as are all students and parents alike for amazing representation of Parkour on ITVs show! Well done Craig , we are sure you will ace it next time ;) #freerunrobinson #ninjawarrioruk #ninjawarrior #fluidityfreerun #parkour #freerunning #itv #itvwales


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