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Britains Got Talent 2011

At the end of the year in 2010, Fluidity Freerun were asked to go and audition for the first auditions of Britains Got Talent. Under much trepidation, we decided we would go along and tell them who we were and what we did. Fluidity were very well recieved on showing the series producer our showreel and telling them about ourselves.

We made it through to the first live auditions in WMC in Cardiff. We came up with a routine (featuring Frazer, Craig, Lew, Rhid and Jake) which was a few minutes long, and had a few very spectacular feats in.  We were the first group on, received a standing ovation as well as 3 firm “yes”es.

Over the coming months, we prepared for the next stage of the show which took place on April 9th-10th, where we were subject to days of interviewing and waiting….

Eventually we were told that we would not be going further, and i guess that concludes our Britains Got Talent adventure. Considering we never even planned to try and go on the show we are pretty impressed with ourselves.

We keep getting asked if we will try again next year…. truth is i don’t think we have even thought about it!


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