Wanting Professional and progressive tuition?


We got a range of amazing courses here at Fluidity , for those wishing for regular and progressive learning. Our courses can be joined onto at ANY time , and take a monthly payment to become a member. The student will be placed on the appropriate grade, and will work through a content list of Parkour fundamentals through our in house grading system.

Our coaches will assess when students are ready to move forwards to the next level.

Courses are £35 monthly via Direct Debit, and includes 16 hours to use for open session practice a month (4 hours a week on weekdays only) 

ELEMENTS - Consisting of 4 Levels, the course looks at basic fundamental skills in parkour/freerunning , acrobatics , conditioning and fitness. The levels advance in skills and techniques and work towards Youth Leadership courses and Assistant Coaching courses, as well training for speed runs, style displays and performance/choreography work.



Level 1

Beginners Course

Suitable for absolute beginners. This course will teach the absolute basic elements of Parkour/Freerunning. In this course we will cover skills such as safety, balance, vaults , conditioning , wall running, jumping and landing. 

On completion of a skills assessment, pupils can move forward onto Level 2 and start to push their newly learnt skills further.

Level 2

Intermediate Learners Course

Moving forward from the Level 1, this course will be pushing the skills learnt previously. 

Flow, footwork, breaking jumps , strength and flexibility training and creativity are looked at in this session as well as the more intermediate skills and how they are utilized with Parkour 

Level 3 & 4

Advanced Learners Course

Level 3 is when students have a great base of the fundamental and intermediate skills , and are ready to start pushing themselves with plenty of mental and physical challenges, as well as starting to look at advanced movements.  

Level 4 is now serving as our advanced group, where we push students to become Sport Leaders and start them on their coaching , performing journey.


Lead by our team of qualified coaches with unrivalled experience, as well  as teaching assistants, this course delivers a high level of coached attention to the participants.

The courses can be joined on at any time now, and we will monitor the students progress and advise parents whenthe next level can be achieved.

Each course is limited to 15 participants to give a more thorough learning experience.
All courses are Mixed age (7-15) unless stated otherwise.

Level 1 -   Mondays  5:30pm - 6:30pm
Level 2  - Fridays  5:30pm - 6:30pm
Level 3  -  Thursdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm 

Level 4 -  Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Age Groups 

7 - 15yrs (Mixed)
16+ (Adult)

To book onto a course, please contact us on

02920 470535 /  07748888931

Unit G , Pengam Road Cardiff United Kingdom CF24 2RZ

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